About Me



Who I am

Cosmic playmate, curator of divine experience

I’m a sensualist, a creatrix, a faun, a nymph, a mischievous playmate, a healer, and a damn good time. I enjoy uninhibited play, sensational transformation, loving kindness, and mutual support.

If you want, we can simply get lost in each other for a little while. 

Or if you want, I can help you expand into who you know you could be, explore new territory, and feel what’s only been a dream.


What I like

I like to take it slow, prioritizing that deep rich goodness. 

I like direct, honest communication and emotional intelligence. Witty banter, sly games, subtle tension. I like exploration and kink and sweetness and indulging in the visual element. 

I like a good balance of dirty and soft. Intensity and vulnerability turn me on. Intimacy and friendship and authentic connection!


My training

I am a professional counselor, life coach, massage therapist, and educator. I practice conscious non-monogamy. In college I studied psychology and sexuality. I’ve taught on these topics at conferences and universities around the world. 


What’s important to me

I care about a healthy and happy world. I want compassion for all beings. I’m a trained Harm Reductionist and feel passionate about that philosophy. I am conscious about healthy eating and food justice, and have been enjoying a plant-based diet since 2006. I have a healthy relationship with indulgences, and enjoy providing encouragement around these topics.



I get along best with people who are open to authentic and organic connection. Clear communication, emotional honesty, and deep respect for each other make for a beautiful connection. I know that these encounters can lead to wonderful and satisfying relationships. 

Name: Aurora Main City: San Francisco, CA


Rate Session Service Details
$500 USD 1hr Incalls A quick and deep meeting at my place
$750 USD 90min Incalls/Outcalls Getting to know each other a little better
$1000 USD 2hrs Incalls/Outcalls Spacious decadence